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Our Story

Chef On Call began in 2009 as an idea amongst friends who, like many other students, were staying up late, hanging out, and ordering food. Whenever their food arrived, however, their brown paper bag produced the same disappointing result as it had on many previous occasions. Nothing new, nothing different, nothing exciting. Thus emerged a team of enterprising soon-to-be graduates of Concordia and McGill Universities. These young entrepreneurs began cooking and delivering food out of a small kitchen in their student apartment, and Chef On Call was officially born. The initial goal was simple: provide the growing delivery market with a wide range of quality foods, priced at a competitive rate, at hours that catered to everyones schedules and lifestyles.

Front of the restaurant Chef sur Appell
Delivery car from Chef on Call

15 years years later, the goal remains the same and Chef On Call's loyal fanbase is bigger than ever. Led by co-founders Robert Kauffman and Gabriel Malbogat, Chef On Call has grown into a quick service delivery restaurant phenomenon. They have come a long way since they shared a kitchen apartment. Capping off the year with locations in MTL, WATERLOO and LONDON Chef On Call continues to expand, improve, and innovate in order to provide its customers the best service possible.

Cook prepare a salad Chef on Call
Comfort food Chef on Call

What we do

We take pride in our homemade recipes and our wide range of selection. From breading our one of a kind chicken tenders by hand, to mixing our own hamburger recipe, to all of our delicious dipping sauces including salad dressings and pasta sauces, we offer fresh home-style cooking for the health conscious, comfort seekers, and everyone in between. We understand how hard it is for students and young professionals to find the time to cook a meal. That's where we come in: We make great food, we cater to your lifestyle and we dedicate ourselves to exceptional customer service through constant dialogue with you, our valued customers. We are Chef On Call, for you.